Gateron vs Cherry MX Switches

Gateron switches and Cherry MX are some of the most popular switches in the mechanical keyboard world. People hold different perspectives on brands for one reason or another, which is precisely what being a customer means.

Cherry MX switches might appeal to some people because of the quality and the brand’s history. In contrast, some users might prefer Gateron for their innovation and affordable pricing.

While those are excellent reasons to get a mechanical keyboard, it sometimes feels like the essential feature is overlooked, which is the keystroke or click feel of the keyboard you’re getting. 

Mechanical keyboards have been known to have some excellent click feel, and it is literally the main difference when comparing Gateron and Cherry MX switches. 

Whether you’re in the market for a specific need or on a budget, the question remains which of these two companies makes the best switch type for your needs.

Let’s go over what makes Gateron and Cherry MX switches tick. We’ll discuss the pricing, durability, variety, and keystroke of both switches and how they fit your needs.

What are Gateron Switches?

ColorSwitch TypeOperating ForceTravel DistanceNoise
ClearLinear35g Operating | 50g Bottom-out2.0mm Actuation | 4.0mm TotalLow
RedLinear43g Operating | 57g Bottom-out2.3mm Actuation | 4mm TotalLow
YellowLinear50g Operating | 60g Bottom-out2.0mm Actuation | 4.0mm TotalLow
GreenClicky65g Operating | 80g Bottom-out2.0mm Actuation | 4.0mm TotalLoud

Designed and manufactured in Southern China, Gateron switches are one of the best mechanical switches in the market. They have unique, smooth, and tactile feedback about them with a variety of custom options. 

Due to the brand’s reasonable market prices and smoothness, it’s not surprising that they’ve gained a good deal of market share in the keyboard switches industry.

Gateron is often compared to the Cherry MX switches lineup because they both comprise switches made from durable, high-quality materials. 

Gateron’s lineup of switches includes the standard Red, Brown, Black, Blue, Green and Yellow. In addition, they have a line of unique Gateron Ink, Milk, Low-Profile, and Silent switch designs.

What are Cherry MX Switches?

ColorSwitch TypeOperating ForceTravel DistanceNoise
ClearTactile55g Operating | 95g Bottom-out2.0mm Actuation | 4.0mm TotalLow
RedLinear45g Operating | ~60g Bottom-out2.0mm Actuation | 4.0mm TotalLow
GreenClicky80g2.0mm Actuation | 4.0mm TotalLoud

The Cherry MX series of the Cherry switch lineup are the most popular series. They have become the switches industry standard since they were launched around 1985 in Germany.

Many major keyboard manufacturers use cherry MX switches in their gaming keyboards due to the “Mechanical X-Point” technology, MX for short. In a world of PC gamers with high demands, only the brands can match those wants people will opt for.

CHERRY switches have very reliable keypress execution as well as a long lifespan. The high actuation force helps prevent accidental key presses, and the switches possess a sound execution of keypresses.

The company guarantees that every one of its key switches is guaranteed to last over 50 million strokes. There are many Cherry MX switch options, but the most popular is the MX Blacks, one of the best switch types for gaming that won’t lose the quality of input over time.

Which is Better? Gateron or Cherry MX?

Winner = Gateron

For you to draw better conclusions, we’ve narrowed down several metrics for determining the better mechanical switch between Gateron and Cherry MX.


Gateron comes out right on top when comparing the prices of both switches.

The cost of producing Cherry MX switches is higher because of the stringent temperature and stress testing they have to undergo in Germany to ensure they have a long lifespan. 

So Gateron is a more affordable option as they are produced out of a factory in China, probably skipping strenuous tests and without the need for expensive production parts from Europe. Another reason for the price gap is that Gateron switches are regarded as Cherry MX clones in the mechanical keyboard industry.

The reason is not far-fetched, as there have been a handful of Cherry MX in the market since their patent expired a while back. Kailh and Outemu are also companies with similar clones in the market.

Once you consider the ultimate result their price difference brings; for Cherry MX switches, it’s the certainty of switches with a prolonged lifespan and extreme reliability, although expensive. But for Gateron, you have an idea of what you’re getting with the knowledge that there are other, maybe better, options in the market.


Winner = Cherry MX

Longlife span is a crucial quality of any keyboard. It’s hard for any mechanical keyboard manufacturer to beat Cherry MX in quality standards, so Gateron stands no chance against a Cherry MX switch.

For every Cherry MX switch you purchase, you’re sure to get a lifespan double that of a Gateron switch. You must have used a Cherry MX switch for at least 50 million keystrokes before it deviates from its factory settings. 

Not that it’ll stop working, but typing feels slightly different. Some keyboard enthusiasts have even found the worn-in feel preferable over stock because of how enjoyable it feels to type on.

Generally, mechanical switches are incredibly durable, so even Gateron switches, with their 50 million keystrokes lifespan, are still insanely high. Your Gateron might not have the same durability as a Cherry MX, but they will last you a long time.

So, how big of an important feature is durability to you? Would you instead prefer a budget-friendly mechanical switch with decent durability or get yourself a pricey Cherry MX with high durability?


Winner = Gateron

Of both switches, Gateron switches are smoother and less scratchy, which means they produce slightly less noise than Cherry MX switches. 

There’s lower sound output in very smooth switches. Silent switches have small bits of rubber to lessen the friction and rubbing that occurs on the switch for each keystroke.

When we compare the general sound level of both switches, Cherry MX are louder, and Gateron switches are quieter across the board. However, several color variations are available from both manufacturers to suggest that you can still get what you want from either of the switches.

A Cherry MX should be your ultimate pick if you want to lay your hands on a clicky switch with a loud noise. 

If not, Gateron switches are quieter.

Gateron and Cherry MX have their line of switches with varying noise levels when typing and gaming, so it ultimately comes down to preference. They even have the same silent switch options, with both companies having silent switch options in Red, Brown, and Black.


Winner = Gateron

One thing Gateron has got going for them is the ability to throw in many attractive options in the market. Silent switches, low-profile switches, and LED-infused switches are examples of switch options both Gateron and Cherry MX offer in addition to their regular switch lineup. 

But if we still have to compare them based on the number of available options both companies provide, Gateron edges out Cherry MX switches.

Gateron has more silent switch variations, with options such as milky housing for better LED light dispersion and Gateron Cap Switches, and several other switch series you can customize.

The Gateron Ink switches, for example, aren’t just some Cherry MX clones but a unique design that uses a different type of plastic to produce a smoother keystroke.

Cherry does offer an LED-infused Cherry MX RGB option with color-intense lighting. There’s also the Cherry Mx Silver with its high switching frequency for gamers and other keyboard enthusiasts.

It ultimately comes down to which switch option can fill the need for your setup, but the number of options in the market is anything to go by. Gateron wins the variety category in this comparison.

Final Thoughts

Out of the four metrics we used in our comparison of Gateron vs Cherry MX switches, Gateron switches edge out on three. They offer more variety, are less expensive, and have a smoother, less scratchy feel.

The superior smooth feel Gateron offers makes their lineup feel much better than Cherry. People ultimately want the keyboard that offers the best typing experience in the mechanical keyboard community. Gateron delivers just that with its smooth mechanical switches.

However, there are still many things to consider, like durability and consistency. You can’t complain about Gateron’s durability for both of their prices because they make up for it with other qualities.

Gateron switches are affordable, super smooth, and, most importantly, have a lot of variety to match your preference. On the other hand, Cherry MX switches have an overall excellent quality and will last longer but are pricier.

So you have to decide whether it’s a budget-friendly option that will fulfill your needs or an expensive, quality switch that works best for a higher-end keyboard.

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