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When it comes to using a computer, typing is a necessity. And sure, some of us still use two fingers and stare down at the keyboard. But who are the fastest typists in the world?

Importance and Average Typing Speed

Typing speed is not just about how quickly you can move your fingers; it’s a crucial skill that can significantly impact various aspects of your life, including job prospects and career advancement. In today’s digital age, being able to type quickly and accurately is highly valued in many professional fields.

To put things into perspective, let’s look at the average typing speed. The average individual types at a speed of around 40 words per minute (WPM). However, this can vary depending on the typing technique used. For instance, someone who uses the ‘hunt and peck’ method, which involves using only two fingers and constantly looking at the keyboard, averages a speed of 27 WPM.

Understanding these averages can provide a benchmark for improving your own typing speed and efficiency, whether for personal growth or to enhance your professional skills.

Typer vs. Typist: Terminology

Before delving deeper into the world of fast typing, it’s important to clarify some terminology. You might have come across the terms ‘typer’ and ‘typist’ and wondered about the difference. Technically, ‘typist’ is the correct term, traditionally used to refer to a person who types, especially as a job. This term has been in use since the advent of typewriters and has carried over into the digital age.

However, in casual conversation and online discourse, you might often hear the term ‘typer’. This term has emerged more recently and is used to describe someone who types, regardless of whether it’s their profession or not. While ‘typer’ is not formally recognized in all dictionaries, its usage has become widespread in the digital era. As language evolves with technology, it’s not uncommon to see such shifts in terminology. Both ‘typist’ and ‘typer’ are understood to mean a person who types, but ‘typist’ often carries a more professional or formal connotation.

Fastest Typers

The world of typing is filled with remarkable individuals who have pushed the boundaries of speed and accuracy. From traditional keyboard typists to those who have mastered unconventional methods, the fastest typers have turned a common skill into an extraordinary feat. In this section, we’ll explore the profiles of some of the most notable typers, each of whom has made a unique mark in the field, setting records and inspiring others to hone their typing skills.

Barbara Blackburn

Known as the fastest typist in the world, Barbara Blackburn reached peak speeds of 212 words per minute (WPM) using a Dvorak simplified keyboard. Her record, set in 2005, remains unbeaten, demonstrating her exceptional skill and precision in typing.

Anthony ‘Chak’ Ermolin

Anthony Ermolin, also known as ‘Chak’, made his mark in the typing world by winning the Ultimate Typing Championship in 2010. His impressive speed and accuracy during the competition earned him recognition and respect in the typing community.

Michael Shestov

Michael Shestov holds a unique record in the world of typing. He is recognized as the best multilingual typist, capable of typing in multiple languages with exceptional speed and accuracy. His linguistic prowess adds an extra layer of complexity to his typing skills.

Davinder Singh

Davinder Singh holds the Guinness World Record for being the fastest nose typist. This unusual category involves typing with one’s nose, and Singh managed to type a given sentence in a mere 46.30 seconds.

Grace Pak

Grace Pak is known for her impressive smartphone typing speed. She holds the record for the fastest typing on a touchscreen mobile phone, demonstrating that speed typing isn’t limited to traditional keyboards.

Hank Torres

Hank Torres, despite his physical limitations, holds the record for the fastest hands-free typing. Using a specialized device and his head movement, Torres has shown that determination and innovation can overcome any obstacle.

Guilherme Sandrini

Guilherme Sandrini from Brazil has achieved an unofficial record of typing speed, reaching 241.82 WPM on an online typing platform. He accomplished this feat using a standard QWERTY keyboard, proving that exceptional speed can be achieved on conventional keyboards.

Sean Wrona

Sean Wrona set a record at the Ultimate Typing Championship with a speed of 256 WPM. Although not officially recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records, his speed surpasses many official records, marking him as one of the fastest typers.

Erik Treider

Erik Treider, also known as ‘shaz’, is recognized as the fastest typist in 2022. He achieved a 15 Second Burst Speed score of 217 WPM with 100% first-time accuracy, making him a worthy titleholder.


Xeogran from Poland holds the 2022 record for the fastest typist over 1 minute, achieving a score of 196 WPM with 98.69% first-time accuracy. His exceptional speed and precision demonstrate his mastery of typing.


A 16-year-old gamer known as mythicalrocket broke the record by typing over 300 words per minute. Despite his young age, his speed and accuracy have earned him a place among the fastest typers in the world.

History of the Fastest Typists

The history of fast typing began with the invention of the typewriter, leading to competitions that showcased incredible speed and accuracy. Early typists like Rose Luisa Fritz and Albert Tangora set records in the early 20th century, laying the groundwork for future generations. The transition from typewriters to computers brought new opportunities, with typists like Stella Pajunas-Garnand setting records on electric typewriters, and innovative individuals like Mohd. Kursheed Hussain exploring unconventional methods.

In recent years, online platforms and typing software have fostered a global community of typists. The Ultimate Typing Championship, online typing tests, and various typing websites have become platforms for discovering and celebrating the fastest typers. This history reflects not only the evolution of technology but also the human spirit’s ability to adapt and excel in ever-changing circumstances.

Practical Applications of Fast Typing

Fast typing is more than just a skill for competitions and record-setting; it has practical applications in various professional and personal contexts. In the workplace, fast typing can enhance productivity, especially in roles that require extensive data entry, transcription, or content creation. It’s a valuable asset for journalists, writers, administrative assistants, and many others. In the academic world, students can benefit from fast typing to take notes more efficiently or complete assignments in a timely manner. 

Even in everyday communication, the ability to type quickly can enhance the way we interact with technology, making tasks like emailing, texting, or searching the web more efficient. Ultimately, fast typing is a versatile skill that transcends the realm of hobbyists and typists, offering tangible benefits in our increasingly digital world.

Final Thoughts

Typing is an essential skill that has evolved over time, from the early days of typewriters to the digital keyboards of today. The stories of the fastest typers in the world reveal a fascinating blend of talent, innovation, and determination. These remarkable individuals have not only set impressive records but have also demonstrated how typing can be transformed into an art form. Their achievements inspire us to recognize the potential within ourselves, whether we type with two fingers or aspire to break records. In a world where communication is increasingly reliant on the written word, the mastery of typing is a skill that continues to hold significant value and relevance.

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