The Allure of Holy Panda Switches: A Comprehensive Exploration

Holy panda switch inside a mechanical keyboard - Author: KazlMatas

In the intricate world of mechanical keyboards, few switches have garnered as much attention and admiration as the Holy Panda switches. Born from the fusion of a Halo True switch’s tactile stem and an Invyr Panda switch’s housing, these switches are more than tactile; they embody the mechanical keyboard community’s innovative and experimental spirit.

The Holy Panda’s evolution from a community-driven experiment to a coveted switch underscores its unique tactile sensation, distinct sound profile, and the lore enveloping its inception. As we delve deeper into the allure of Holy Panda switches, we’ll unravel their origin story, understand their rising fame, and discover why they command such a premium in the market.

Characteristics and Unique Features of Holy Pandas

Holy Panda switches have distinguished themselves in the mechanical keyboard community, not just for their origin story, but also for their standout features.

Tactility, Snappiness, and Prolonged Bump

Holy Pandas are renowned for their exceptional tactility. This isn’t merely about the feel but also the snappiness they bring to the table. A press on a Holy Panda switch greets you with a pronounced tactile bump, offering gratifying feedback during typing. This sensation is amplified by the unique blend of stems from Halo Clears or Halo Trues and the housing from Invyr Panda switches. Unlike many switches that present a sharp tactile bump, Holy Pandas deliver a more extended, smoother bump, enhancing the tactile experience.

Construction, Sound Profile, and Comparison

Constructed with a polycarbonate top housing and a nylon bottom, Holy Pandas not only offer a tactile sensation but also a unique sound profile. They are tactile yet non-clicky, ensuring a quieter typing experience than clicky switches. Their sound, however, stands apart, echoing with a depth distinct from other tactile switches. When juxtaposed with other switches, Holy Pandas shine for their sound and feel. Their opaque housing limits per-switch lighting, a minor compromise for the tactile richness they provide.

History and Evolution of Holy Pandas

The intriguingly named Holy Panda switches, celebrated for their tactile experience, have roots deep in community-driven innovation. Stemming from a chance discovery by Quakemz, these switches were born when enthusiasts merged a Halo True switch’s stem with an Invyr Panda switch’s housing. This combination yielded not just a unique tactile sensation but also a distinct sound profile.

Their ascent to stardom accelerated following a typing test by Taeha Types, a luminary in the mechanical keyboard realm. This demonstration spotlighted their unparalleled attributes, catapulting them to global recognition. Yet, the path wasn’t devoid of obstacles. With the original switch tooling sustaining damage, new tooling techniques were employed for future batches.

Despite these challenges, Holy Pandas’ charm persisted. Symbolizing serendipity, community collaboration, and the quest for perfection, their tale exemplifies the marvels a passionate community can achieve.

Variants and Availability of Holy Panda Switches

Post their fortuitous inception and meteoric rise, Holy Panda switches have undergone various iterations, with several vendors now proffering their versions.

Drop’s Holy Pandas

Drop, a pioneer in democratizing Holy Panda access, simplified the acquisition process. Before Drop’s intervention, aficionados had to individually procure Invyr Panda and Halo True switches and meld them. Drop’s variant, however, slightly diverges from the original Holy Panda due to tooling constraints. Yet, their consistent sell-outs highlight their undiminished demand.

Glorious Holy Pandas

Glorious Gaming PC’s foray into the Holy Panda domain introduced another variant. Their affordably priced version purports to employ the original Invyr Panda housing tooling, but they’ve crafted their stem, seeking to emulate the Halo True.

Trademark Controversies

The “Holy Panda” moniker has ignited debates. Both Drop and Glorious, with their respective versions, stake a claim to the Holy Panda name. The expansive keyboard community perceives Holy Pandas as a joint creation, arguing against any single entity monopolizing its name or production. Glorious’s recent trademark application has further fueled these discussions.

Purchasing and Recommendations

The multifaceted world of Holy Panda switches can be daunting due to the plethora of choices. For those contemplating a purchase, here’s a guide to aid your decision-making:

Drop Holy Pandas

Drop’s Holy Pandas, priced at $1 per switch, are among the market’s most recognized. They’re believed to closely mirror the original Holy Pandas, but concerns about manufacturing consistency, especially in lubing, have been raised.

Glorious Pandas

At $0.60 per switch, Glorious Pandas offer a cost-effective alternative. They claim to utilize the original Invyr Panda housing but have designed their stem to mimic the Halo True. Their performance is noteworthy, albeit with a marginally wobblier stem and a less pronounced “thock” sound than Drop’s variant.

YOK Pandas

Novelkeys’ YOK Pandas, available in diverse hues but with similar performance, are priced around $0.55 per switch. They faithfully recreate the original Invyr Pandas. These linear switches are a favorite among enthusiasts for crafting new Holy Pandas.


For those seeking an experience mirroring the original Holy Pandas, Drop’s version is the top pick, contingent on securing a consistent, quality batch. Glorious Pandas, balancing performance and value, present a compelling choice. YOK Pandas, though not genuine Holy Pandas, deliver a comparable tactile feel and merit consideration.

Glorious Panda Switch (Lubed Switches) – 36x Plate Mounted 3 pin Switches for Keyboard – Mechanical Keyboard Switches
  • Precise Switching: Glorious Panda switches for mechanical keyboard have a very precise and clearly noticeable switching point; this makes both typing and playing on a keyboard equipped with this keyboard switch
  • High compatibility: Glorious Gaming Panda Mechanical Switches are three-pole switches, just like Cherry MX and Kalih switches, so the vast majority of sockets is compatible with this mechanical keyboard switch.
  • Key Caps: Thanks to the use of a popular mounting profile such as that of the Cherry MX, this allows seamless adjustment of your key switches keyboard use.
  • High-quality: Glorious has chosen high-quality materials; the top cover of INVYR is made of polycarbonate, the lower cover is made of PA66 nylon, the shaft is made of POM and the spring is made of nickel-plated stainless steel. These are pre lubed switches using high quality Glorious switch lube.
  • Engineered with the most premium materials sourced from around the world, The feeling of Glorious Pandas could be described as a very snappy and responsive tactile switch. They feature a strong ‘bump’ at the start of the downstroke with a quick snap back to position in the upstroke. You’ll notice less pre-travel, smoother operation, and a quicker snap back than its “holy” cousin.
Feker x Holy Panda Switches for Mechanical Keyboard DIY – Linear Keyswitch 3 Pins 50gf for Mechanical Gaming Keyboards – Pre Lubed (45PCS, Panda Switches)
  • 【Holy Panda Switches】This 3-pin custom switches are made for DIY enthusiasts to obtain satisfying typing feelings with more affordable options.Approximately 70 million long lifespan for more stable and reliable quality.
  • 【Linear Keyswitch Parameters】Operating force: 50±8gf Pressure point force: 58±8gf Pre travel: 2.0±0.4mm Total Travel: 3.3±0.3mm 50g bottom out PCB mount style linear mechanical keyboard switches.
  • 【Pre-Lubed Switches】The Holy Panda Switches for mechanical keyboard DIY comes factory-lubed. This is especially helpful for the linear switches, as it ensures the switches to be more smooth and silent.
  • 【Wide Compatibility】The 3-pins switch comes with MX style structure so they would fit most keycap sets with (X) cross stem. Compatible with plate-mounted style PCB and hot-swap mechanical gaming keybaords.
  • 【Buy With Confidence】You will received 45pcs linear keyboard switches. (NO keyboard and other accessories.) Should you have any questions on our switches kit, please feel free to contact us, we will offer you a satisfactory solution within 24 hours.
Holy Panda Mechanical Keyboard Switch, 3Pin, 67g Extended Spring, Enhance Tactile Plate Mounted MX Switch(100 Pack)
  • The tactile feel is advanced, and the pursuit of restoring the feel of the Saint Panda switch will bring a strong sense of feedback.
  • The stem made of POM material greatly improves the lubricity of the switch. The longer it is used, the smoother it becomes.
  • Spring: Use 67g extended spring to enhance the touch and rebound faster.
  • MX shell: compatible with keyboard SMD backlight (because the shell is opaque, it will block part of the light)
  • 3Pin array is compatible with all hot-swappable keyboards, and also supports welding DIY.

Holy Pandas in Gaming

In the expansive gaming peripherals domain, switch selection can profoundly impact one’s gaming journey. While Holy Pandas have won accolades in the mechanical keyboard sphere for their tactile essence and sound signature, how do they measure up in gaming?

Weighing 67 grams at actuation, Holy Pandas are on the heavier spectrum compared to mainstream gaming switches. Gamers transitioning from lighter switches like Cherry MX Reds or Speed Silvers might find Holy Pandas a tad hefty initially. Their pronounced tactile bump, a boon for typing, might not align with everyone’s gaming preferences, especially in fast-paced scenarios.

Yet, gaming isn’t solely about speed. Holy Pandas’ tactile feedback can be invaluable in games demanding deliberate key presses, ensuring each action is purposeful. This is especially beneficial in strategy games or RPGs, where inadvertent key presses can derail the gameplay.

However, for competitive gamers, especially those engrossed in swift-paced FPS or MOBA genres, Holy Pandas might not be the primary choice. Their weight could induce finger fatigue during prolonged gaming bouts. But for leisure gamers or those valuing the typing experience over gaming prowess, Holy Pandas promise a gratifying, unparalleled experience.

Final Thoughts

The mechanical keyboard universe is vast, yet few switches have etched an indelible legacy like the Holy Panda switches. From their chance discovery to their status as a tactile wonder, Holy Pandas epitomize innovation and community synergy. They transcend being mere switches; they stand as a beacon of what passionate enthusiasts can achieve when united.

Traversing through Holy Pandas’ history, features, and gaming implications, it’s evident their charm extends beyond mere tactility. Whether you’re a typist craving the pinnacle of tactile feedback, a gamer desiring a distinct feel, or an enthusiast captivated by the mechanical keyboard lore, Holy Pandas cater to all. As we wrap up this exploration, the enduring allure of Holy Panda switches is undeniable, poised to inspire and enthrall for generations.

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