Banana Split Switches: The Sweet Spot for Keyboard Enthusiasts

Banana Split Switches

In the dynamic world of mechanical keyboards, Banana Split switches have carved out a niche, captivating enthusiasts with their unique characteristics. These linear switches are known for their smooth keypress, facilitated by a 62g spring and a blend of nylon and polycarbonate housing with a POM stem. Initially released under the name ‘Macho’, these switches stand out with their proprietary design and have become a sought-after component for keyboard aficionados seeking a seamless and responsive typing experience.

As we dive deeper into the world of Banana Split switches, we’ll explore their origins, characteristics, availability, and why they have become a standout choice in the mechanical keyboard community.

What are Banana Split Switches?

Banana Split switches are a standout in the mechanical keyboard world, known for their distinctive design and performance. These switches are part of the “Snack Time Switch Line” series by C³Equalz and TheKey.Company. They are 62g linear switches, featuring a unique lavender and purple outer housing with a yellow stem, made from a blend of nylon and polycarbonate, and a polyoxymethylene (POM) stem. Pre-lubed at the factory, they offer a smooth, linear action without a tactile bump, catering to both typists and gamers. Their popularity stems from their unique construction, smooth typing experience, and the sound profile they offer.

Technical Specifications

Type: Linear

Actuation Force: 62g

Pre-travel: 2.0 mm

Total Travel: 4.0 mm

Lifespan: Rated for over 50 million keystrokes

Mount Type: PCB Mount

Factory Lubrication: Yes

Housing Material: Blend of Nylon and Polycarbonate

Stem Material: Polyoxymethylene (POM)

The Origin of Banana Split Switches

The Banana Split switches, a collaborative creation by C³Equalz and TheKey.Company, were brought to life with the manufacturing expertise of JWK. As part of the “Snack Time Switch Line” series, these switches distinguish themselves with a unique lavender and purple housing and a yellow stem. Originally known as ‘Macho’ during their development phase, the Banana Split switches have become a standout in the mechanical keyboard market, combining aesthetic appeal with smooth linear performance.

Finding Banana Split Switches: Availability and Sources

Finding Banana Split Switches can be a bit of a challenge due to their popularity and limited runs. As of now, they are sold out on TheKey.Company’s website until mid-Q1 2024, but they suggest trying out the Fruit Smoothie switches from Equalz as an alternative. These switches are sold in packs of 10, 70, 90, and 110, with prices starting at $7.49 for a 10-pack. Additionally, Swagkeys offers Banana Split switches in packs of 10 for $6.50, and Thock King also lists them at $6.95 for a pack of 10. While direct availability from these primary sources can be sporadic, enthusiasts often turn to secondary markets like eBay or the r/mechmarket subreddit on Reddit. However, prices in these markets can be significantly higher than retail. Despite the challenges in sourcing them, the unique appeal of Banana Split switches keeps the demand high among mechanical keyboard enthusiasts.

Sound and Feel of Banana Split Switches

Banana Split switches are renowned in the mechanical keyboard community for their distinctive sound and feel. These linear switches, designed with a 62g spring and a blend of nylon and polycarbonate housing with a POM stem, offer a smooth keypress from start to finish. This seamless action, devoid of any tactile bump, is particularly appealing to users who favor a fluid and consistent typing experience.

The sound profile of Banana Split switches is equally notable. They produce a slightly higher-pitched sound compared to the traditional ‘thock’ of many mechanical switches, resulting in a crisp and satisfying auditory experience. The factory pre-lubing of these switches further enhances their smoothness, contributing to their popularity among both typists and gamers for custom keyboard builds and upgrades.

Alternatives and Comparisons: Similar Switches to Banana Splits

When looking for alternatives to Banana Split switches, enthusiasts often consider switches that offer a similar feel and sound profile. One such alternative mentioned in the mechanical keyboard community is the JWK Black Linear switches. These switches are known for providing a comparable typing experience to Banana Splits, with the added benefit of being more readily available and often at a lower price point. However, they might have a longer waiting period due to group buys.

Another popular alternative is the Everglide Water/Aqua King switches. These switches are known for their smooth linear action and are often recommended for those who want a similar feel to the Banana Splits but with different aesthetic options. While the Banana Split switches allow RGB backlighting to shine through the legends on keycaps, they don’t allow light through the sides of the switch, a feature that some alternatives might offer.

JWK Black Linear V2 Switch, JWICK 58.5g Full Nylon Black Linear POM Stem Switches Compatible with Cherry Style, 5 Pins for Mechanical Keyboard Switches (Black Linear V2 58.5g 90pcs)
  • JWK (JWICK) Black V2 Nylon Linear Switches feature a full nylon housing for a deeper sound profile. This is the second version of the Black series that has the JWICK Logo displayed on the top housing and improved quality.
  • JWICK Black Linear switch from manufacturer JWK, bringing you all that smoothness and quality – at a wallet-friendly price point!
  • Nylon PA66 Housing | POM Stem | 4mm Travel | 2mm Operating | 58.5g Stainless Steel Spring
  • Available LED styles – SMD and through-hole. Sold in batches of 90pcs, 1 order = 90 switches, packaged in Nice Container.
  • Works any PCB compatible with Cherry style switches. 5 pins can be modified to 3 pins by clipping off the extra 2 pins if necessary.
KPREPUBLIC Everglide EG Aqua King Water King Linear Switch 4pin 5pin RGB 55g 62g 67g Force mx Switch for Mechanical Keyboard 50m Clear Body (X70 PCS, EG 62g Aqua King Switch)
  • Switch housing material: Polycarbonate
  • Stem material: Polycarbonate
  • Lifespan: > 50 million actuations
  • Pretravel: 2.0 (± 0.6 mm)
  • Total travel: 4 mm (± 0.3 mm)

Using Banana Split Switches in Builds

Using Banana Split switches in keyboard builds is a choice that can significantly enhance both the aesthetic and functional aspects of a mechanical keyboard.

The unique color scheme of Banana Split switches, with their lavender and purple housing and yellow stem, adds a vibrant touch to any keyboard build. Their linear nature, combined with a smooth keypress and no tactile bump, makes them ideal for users seeking a seamless typing experience.

Additionally, these switches are PCB mounted, which means they can be directly mounted onto the PCB of a keyboard, offering a stable and secure fit. Pre-lubed from the factory, they provide a smooth operation right out of the box, though users can apply additional lubrication if desired. Whether for gaming, typing, or as a statement piece, incorporating Banana Split switches into a keyboard build promises both style and performance.

Final Thoughts

Banana Split switches, a collaboration between C³Equalz and TheKey.Company, have carved a niche in the mechanical keyboard community with their unique combination of aesthetic appeal and technical excellence. Known for their smooth 62g linear action and distinctive lavender, purple, and yellow color scheme, these switches cater to both the functional and aesthetic preferences of typists and gamers. Their popularity is a testament to the community’s appreciation for quality and design, despite challenges in availability due to high demand and limited production runs.

Standing out in the market for their unique sound profile and seamless keystroke experience, Banana Split switches are a symbol of the innovation and collaborative spirit in the keyboard enthusiast community. Their compatibility with various keyboard layouts and ease of integration into custom builds, coupled with factory pre-lubrication, make them a versatile and appealing choice for those seeking to enhance their typing experience and personalize their mechanical keyboards.

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